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Our Story

Kia Ora

Opportunity is just around the corner. Are you ready for the challenge?

Machineroad has been approximately 7 years in the making – Finally I decided to do something.

After years as a youngster being involved in representative sport and high performance academy’s, never taking it any further. It was clear to me that progressing into professional sport was more than just being talented, it was the extra work outside of the normal schedule that sets you apart from everyone else.

Whether developing my in-game skills or having a mentor who could help me through the business side of sport, there was a real gap around who I could turn to for guidance. 

Machineroad has taken my life learning’s and failures, in a hope to provide support to those who need it – because everyone deserves a fair opportunity to achieve excellence!

Mitch Ferguson, Director

"My biggest passion is mentoring passionate and driven individuals who strive for excellence. With Machineroad, we want to make sure you have the platform to be noticed and achieve your full potential"

Lockie Ferguson, Director

"We want to bridge the gap between talent and success as a sportsman. Regardless of your upbringing we want you to be able to compete on the world stage and become the best athlete you can be"

Everyone, from amateurs to professionals want to know how quick they are bowling, naturally it gets a little bit competitive at times. But if you want to improve your bowling, Machineroad is great for providing real time feedback. I think it will help breed the next crop of Black Caps and White Ferns.

Jimmy Neesham

At Parnell Cricket we are hugely passionate about nurturing and guiding the next generation of cricketers. Machineroad offers a great balance between technology and cricket and helps us educate and track the progress of our players

Hussain Hanif

This app is a fun and innovative way to push your sessions to the next level, no doubt it will become a vital tool for the development of the next generation of cricketers

Maddy Curran